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Meet Madeira Desouza

I am a gay man and I work exclusively in the 21st century digital realm from San Francisco using contemporary computer hardware and software as my artistic tools instead of pencils or paintbrushes that you hold in your hands.

Here are some examples of my work:

Masculine Males

Some artists and illustrators depict females. I choose to exclusively depict masculine males.









My visual works and storytelling are intended to appeal to gay adult men who are attracted to masculine men (two pictured on the left). I steer clear of several deeply embedded traits of American gay culture that can be found in film and in print—eccentric or flamboyant behaviors (one pictured on the right), alkyl nitrites, dance music, trendy clothing, trendy hair, gay men who think age 30 is old, and so forth.

shooting_sceneMy creative works have clear motives and themes. This explain the presence of guns in some of my illustrations.

Each of my illustrations is surrealistic and often controversial. Each depicts a particular story or theme or point of view that is appropriate for mature, open minded adults regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, but this stuff is intended for gay adult men.

on top In my illustrations and stories I explore conflicting and opposing compulsions that all men have. On one side there are impulses men have towards sustaining life, engaging in love, and being attracted to others. In the opposing direction are impulses men have towards being aggressive, engaging in violence, and, causing pain and death. For centuries, artists and storytellers around the world have found inspiration in these two opposing human compulsions that no man is able to resist or impede merely by his conscious will alone.

3D Digital Illustrations

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