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There once was a website called Katharsis. That word comes from ancient Greek. It means purging or cleansing. The original Katharsis was started in 1987…

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Magic, Meaning, or Messaging

I am often asked about why I do what I do. A fair question is: Why would anyone strive to become a prolific producer of…

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Balls Cut

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Men’s Death Images Fetish

Widely known (but often vehemently criticized) is the fetish for men’s death images.

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Fuck the Cello Player

Here you see the artist in a cameo role involved in a hot sexual encounter with a cello player. The character of the cello player…

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Kicking the Hanged Man

Here are two of my original images from 2017 that explore the same theme…    

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Cowboy Cruelty

Cowboy Cruelty — Original story and illustrations by Desouza of Vegas. Make him kneel. Hang him nude. Kick his balls. Make him shoot. Watch him…

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Tormenting a Blue-Eyed Cowboy

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Cutting a Cowboy’s Balls Off

 An example of my work from 2008 exploring native American revenge against the takeover of their lands in North American by Caucasians. Submit a comment below….

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Knuckle His Nuts

“Knuckle his nuts — original illustration by Madeira Desouza, San Francisco, [POST A COMMENT NOW]

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